January 2000 Archives

January 30, 2000

Ok, I hate SUV's, but

Okay, now I know I

January 28, 2000

Ugh. The phrase "Viral Marketing"

From peterme, "One thing I

Good thing Matthew pointed it

January 27, 2000

So I added this Human

I've always been a big

I'll be your best friend

I've been remiss in not

OpenTable reservations through NYToday

Hee hee hee. ScamWorld: Pranking

January 26, 2000

Oh please, oh please, oh

pudding genius

January 25, 2000

Cool thing: Aestheticom, located in

Yikes! An elevator at the

January 22, 2000

We're going to see Fantasia

January 21, 2000

It's incredibly cold, and I

Regular visitors will know that

kids krave kottke

January 20, 2000

Turns out Hedy Lamarr was

January 19, 2000

A & E is showing

Bird on a wire asks,

From the Daily News, more

From Whim & Vinegar: Does

Now that we've all decided

January 17, 2000

Oooops! A big, big apology

January 14, 2000

Having been reminded of the

From Bird on a wire:

January 13, 2000

Why was the Internet invented?

Microsoft Blog? Didn't know that

But enough about me. Today

January 11, 2000

Perhaps the most amazing thing

January 9, 2000

I went to Boston over

January 7, 2000

Glad to see Jason agrees

January 5, 2000

While talking to Damien I

Shhh! Don't tell the geeks!

For those of you who

This might even be cooler

January 4, 2000

I like the plastic spoons

Year2000.com auction on eBay found

One interesting note from the

January 3, 2000

Year2000.com domain draws $10 million

January 1, 2000

And now the price says

Price: $52,500 Ha ha ha