An actual spam that I

An actual spam that I received this morning, under the subject line "a GREAT gun rack"

Hey good buddy,
If you're like me, you want to keep your firearms out of the hands of thieves, yet 
carry them within reach in your extended cab pickup, SUV, or van.  The Wolfpack 
Gunrack is just the ticket.  It protects your firearms and delicate scopes from jolts 
and shock, can be locked with a simple bike chain, and is not made from cheesy 
plastic--it's built to last from 16 gauge cold-rolled steel with a permanent baked 
powder-coat finish, high-strength nylon, and high-impact plastic buckles. And it 
won't damage your headliner or the weather protection around your car windows.

If you're interested in the best in firearm transportation and safety, at the low, 
low price of only $34.95 plus delivery, check out our website at 
< >.  Just click on the address and the wonders of 
computers will take you there.  Visa, Master Charge, American Express, and hunting 
and fishing tips gladly accepted.

What's to lose with a 30 day, no argument, purchase price back guarantee?  If you 
have questions, call me on my nickel at (800) 431-1479.

Good shootin',

Larry Jay Martin
Wolfpack Gunrack

If you received this in error, or simply wish to be permanently removed from our 
mailing roster, click on, don't change 
the subject line, and you're automatically off the list.  Have a super day and a safe day in 
God's great outdoors.

Whew! Talk about not knowing your demographic....