April 2000 Archives

April 30, 2000

Go watch this.

April 28, 2000

N.Y. Yankees Shit Out Minnesota

April 26, 2000

"This is the Real system

April 25, 2000

Joe Clark answered my query

So there's a Linux-based PDA

April 24, 2000

Perhaps you've already heard this,

So I mentioned how much

April 22, 2000

I just found out Phil

April 21, 2000

News Flash!

And you wonder how AOL

I'm on AIM pretty much

From a brilliant list, I

April 20, 2000

Yes, I'm still alive, expect

April 18, 2000

Remind me to make this

April 14, 2000

All the search engines I

More proof that all programmers

Go download one of these

April 13, 2000

While cruising around voting for

Cool! From a page on

Somehow I find these results

Moooooooooo. I'm a cow. Moooooo.

At my ofice, we've been

April 12, 2000


A fellow New Yorker gets

Man, Blogger shouldn't be under

Does anyone know the name

April 11, 2000

If he loses, can the

Neat little insight into how

This site can kiss my

Unsolicited Advice: Don't trust anyone

April 10, 2000

Amen! Although I suspect Cam

One of ZDNet's Top 10

Every single person I told

Molly Holzschlag makes a great

"And then I got out

There are few pleasures more

April 9, 2000

It's actually accumulating now, so

April 7, 2000

Sometimes denial is almost a

April 6, 2000

The blind recruiting the blind...

Glad to see Dan likes

April 5, 2000

Indians writing about Indians blogged

Of course Jason has to

I saw Tracy Chapman last

April 4, 2000

If you've got a Palm

April 3, 2000

The web sure looks butt

Hee hee hee... This shows