January 2001 Archives

January 31, 2001

I didn't lose my job,

I know, I know, I've

"...but in the tech business,

January 30, 2001

Updated the portal. Added Buzz.

January 29, 2001

Remember a few months ago

It looks like most people

So I've been reading what

January 28, 2001

There's a million little bittersweet

January 27, 2001

Hmmm. A tool to migrate

This is a weird thing:

It's been a week, so

Just so I never have

January 26, 2001

There needs to be a

David just sent me a

January 25, 2001

My October 12 '99 peeve

I need two things for

And then Andy Rooney said,

Better granularity over the installation

January 24, 2001

Pro-Anorexia bloggers

After seeing Bill's link and

In a great interview at

January 23, 2001

Steven Den Beste has posted

Mike's got an analysis of

Signs of life at SXSWbaby,

As part of a terrific

David is flattering me. I'm

Just another reason Dan Bricklin's

So, the syntax for adding

January 22, 2001

I was looking back at

I know I shouldn't be

Ordinarily I'd blog this to

Jason emailed me about a

Matt did a great job

January 20, 2001

It's amazing how well-timed words,

So I know there's some

January 19, 2001

Why have the folks at

How much would you

January 18, 2001

Oh, I made a page

Yeah, so I've spent lots

Garden.com was always one of

January 17, 2001

I found a new homepage

I'm not much of a

January 16, 2001

I'm not surprised they say

My friend Jon, who doesn't

January 15, 2001

Jack's done a wonderful job

January 13, 2001

Phew! Man, I haven't fought

January 12, 2001

Peter's got a kick-ass rant

I forgot to mention that

Found out today about this

Regarding the new PowerBook: "Reflecting

January 11, 2001

My stortrooper

So I'm posting this in

*Above image does not depict

I've always chided myself for

Wouldn't it make sense for

January 10, 2001

Thanks to a reminder from

I was re-reading Dan's manifestito

January 9, 2001

I don't mean to be

"...and the cruel irony was,

Sometimes the best revenge is

Cool beans. Dan says that

Doesn't make me a brain

January 8, 2001

Heather says: I want danger

Oh, that's what Jesse Berst

Does anyone know why Jesse

I added something to FadMaker

January 7, 2001

Well, I talked to Mike,

Sometimes people ask me why

So I was going to

Meg noticed more popups too,

January 6, 2001

And, I don't know if

So I got my new

January 5, 2001

I'm still obsessing over NTFS

I was just poking around

Just for my own future

January 4, 2001

Hey, I'm quoted in Wired!

Oh, I forgot to mention:

A few well-timed emails from

January 2, 2001

Hmmm, New Year and I've

How cool, I always read

Just out of curiousity, who's

January 1, 2001

You know that saying, "Fool

I liked this article when

Following up on the "digging