Partial transcript of a conversation

Partial transcript of a conversation I had with Dinah, starting with me yammering about Office XP Smart Tags:

Anil Dash: the Tags are like DeepLeap for Office, the potential is amazing
DinahSanders: Whoa.
DinahSanders: 'scuse me
Anil Dash: I was talking to Bryan Boyer about it tonight, and i told him not to look at the documentation, because he'll cry
DinahSanders: <keanu>Whoa.</keanu>
Anil Dash: nice :)
Anil Dash: there should be a universal Keanu Whoa indicator
DinahSanders: kWhoa.
Anil Dash: perhaps its own HTML tag, since you can't really separate that content from its presentation
DinahSanders: Yeah, something that makes it green droppy letters.
Anil Dash: exactly. although it may have to gracefully degrade to a Bill & Ted font
DinahSanders: *snork*
Anil Dash: heh, i think i'm gonna have to post this little exchange to my site :)
DinahSanders: You should do that.
DinahSanders: The world has the right to know.
Anil Dash: I'm hoping the W3C sees it and it makes XHTML 2.0