April 2001 Archives

April 29, 2001

Well, I updated my About

April 28, 2001


April 27, 2001

A while back on MetaFilter,

April 26, 2001

Unreasonable Web: "Here's the full

I've probably offended more people

April 25, 2001

My brain is empty. Go

April 23, 2001

Just FYI, Adobe released Acrobat

Whoa Nelly. (Pardon the tired

I've never been much of

Oh man! You people are

April 21, 2001

I still like my picture

In case you were wondering,

April 20, 2001

So, uh, sacrificing myself on

�It�s those hard-hitting interview questions

April 19, 2001

Feelin' ugly today. Just to

Goddamn Dean is a good

April 18, 2001

While wandering around the neighborhood

Ok, someone email me and

Note to sultry-voiced telemarketer chick:

April 17, 2001

I am simultaneously frightened and

For my own future reference,

buzzing at yahoo

April 16, 2001

Peter's got a cogent, well-written

I know the last thing

Matt's head is so full

April 15, 2001

For my own future reference,

And, did you know that

It popped up in conversation

Sorry for the lack of

April 12, 2001

I read Jason's site every

Signs that your recently-calculated tax

April 11, 2001

There are few things cooler

It's working! Just a few

For those who thought it

April 10, 2001

Audio Day is postponed as

April 9, 2001

Coming Soon: Audio Day on

I love Brill's Content, been

CEO of Yahoo gig

April 8, 2001

As part of our continuing

April 6, 2001

As a follow-up on yesterday's

Hmm... I got a search

April 5, 2001

I am the only person

Things That Are Funny: Old

"I was looking for a

April 4, 2001

On the way to an

April 3, 2001

For future reference, Internet Explorer

April 2, 2001

So Spring is blooming everywhere,

Lane on Courtney's proposal

April 1, 2001

I've been thinking a lot