August 2001 Archives

August 31, 2001

Well, the three of you

August 30, 2001

All we are saying is:

August 29, 2001

A helpful little tool: Waz

August 28, 2001

According to this excerpt from

August 27, 2001

Kevin Smith tells us, through

August 26, 2001

Just for Leia, NT4 and

August 25, 2001

Even though I hadn't seen

August 24, 2001

I love the subway; I

To all who emailed, thanks

It makes me happy when

August 22, 2001

Pardon me for being forward

August 21, 2001

My former co-worker John Wehr

Damn Internet anonymity! Who was

A better robot: BrainBo adds

Someone at Reader's Digest is

August 20, 2001

I usually don't talk very

An excellent writeup of the

Here's a new game: Which

August 16, 2001

BlogBuddy test.

GAWD (Global Access Wireless Database)

I just wanted to confirm

August 15, 2001

Oh, the pedophile thing is

I want Blogger to use

In honor of India's Independence

In case, ya know, making

And didn't Saima say she

Eeeenteresting. Jason made a great

August 14, 2001

And what the hell is

Because I had run into

I'm a big fan of

So, uh, yeah... a while

August 13, 2001

With one last bit of

August 12, 2001

I will set up one

I have some comments to

August 11, 2001

Then George joined in, and

Tim obliges my googlebombing

August 10, 2001

Part of the reason I

In one of those quietly

Also, could people start linking

August 9, 2001

Um, you're all incredible sweethearts

Michael Dell, founder of Dell

Okay, let's go all the

August 8, 2001

Just to reiterate the short-notice

Why can't I point at

Useful web tool: Rex Swain's

August 7, 2001

Finally, Blogger has an XML-RPC

I get interesting mail sometimes.

Got the promo for Garbage's

In case you're wondering what

August 6, 2001

From: Sent: Monday, August

In response to a coupla

Well, as most of you

August 5, 2001

And, while I'm enjoying some

Today, Asian Dub Foundation and

Bruce "Tog" Tognazzini, all-around brilliant

August 4, 2001

In other web tools news,

So, Slashdot's staging server lists

It's the return of BrandoFilter!

Cable modem dead Crawling at

August 2, 2001

I will be going to

I hadn't checked in on

Signs of life over at

IBM PC Announcement 1981. I

BotMania Continues! Myles has put

August 1, 2001

In an auspicious sign, this