October 2004 Archives

October 28, 2004

Under the Cherry Influence?

October 26, 2004

the web makes people dumb

October 25, 2004

Confirm your existing beliefs!

October 22, 2004


October 21, 2004

Passport Withers

October 20, 2004

More on Cinnamon Girl

Harry Shearer's Found Objects

Kickball's kicking ass

October 19, 2004

asian mack filters itunes

Buy my crap

October 18, 2004

Please Don't Hurt Hammer

iPod preloading

October 17, 2004


Wither Passport?

October 16, 2004

Britney threatens to join the blogosphere

October 15, 2004

Prince song or Church Sign

Everyone invented the remix

October 14, 2004

10 different kinds of dorky

The Gross Factor

separate and unequal

October 13, 2004


A Full Belly relaunches

October 12, 2004


the value of perspective

Incivility everywhere

WSJ stupidity

October 11, 2004

An unkind community

Microsoft's Money

jay-z to head up def jam?

all the things people say

Loco parental

October 10, 2004

All Look Same

Sucker for puppies

October 6, 2004

Best of Best Of

No more Stern warnings

October 5, 2004

Respect for the truth

Chasing the Long Tail

never met a meta i didn't like

ev moves on

October 4, 2004

It's good to have fans

preemptively solving scalability issues

gee, mail!

SpaceShipOne wins the X Prize