Happy Belated Monday

A list of things that have brightened my day today:

  • Really good support from NewsGator. I’m always glad people rave about our support team at Six Apart, and now I know how satisfying it is as a customer to have somebody respond quickly with a good answer.
  • I’m still enjoying the debate from last week between a number of my friends about the Minor Threat/Nike Major Threat design appropriation. While I have an opinion (Jason and Andre are right, Mike and David are wrong), both sides are making really good, smart arguments, and that’s always fun to read.
  • Cam‘s survey has taken over the MIT homepage. It’s so overwhelming it looks like he hacked the damn homepage. Right on.
  • Black Punk Time. I could write a whole post about this great bit of writing, if I had the time. But everybody should read it.
    Not a bad way to start a short week.
Anil Dash

Anil Dash

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