Now here's what you need to know

  • Why should you trust me about video games? Because even Forbes magazine knows I am an expert on toys that are designed for six-year-old Japanese girls.
  • Writing about music makes me miss when I used to do more of that on my different blogs. Like the time I saw Justin Timberlake live a couple years ago. Yeah, go ahead and laugh -- I had fun that night and your broke ass was sitting home and you know it.
  • Was nice of the 37signals crew to note that I'd contributed an idea on the Basecamp logo. I'd forgotten about that conversation, but the other thing I liked about the little mountain is it looked kind of like a chart showing an upward trend over time. Neat.
  • The digg blog's post on ads on digg was the best thing I've seen since Brad's explanation of why people can choose to have ads on their LiveJournals now. It's not merely that they're explaining the benefits well; It's more that you can see a thoughtful person in the process of evolving their thinking on the utility of marketing or advertising in our culture. As a recovering Adbuster-zealot type myself, I like anybody who embraces moderation instead of extremism. Really, I feel that way about almost everything.