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  • Last October, Reason published an interesting look at bloggers’ overreactions and even downright misrepresentations of an attack at the University of Oklahoma.
  • Michael Fitzgerald has a nice piece in CIO about starting a business blog. I’m in there, briefly, but it’s worth reading anyway.
  • Prince is going to play halftime at the next Superbowl. Farkers (surprisingly!) rejoice.
  • FAQs and Walkthroughs for New Super Mario Bros. I’ve got three stars, I’ve done Challenge Mode… now I’m just wandering around looking for things to do.
  • Data structures as culture. I love this stuff: “Microsoft emphasizes tree problems because their culture puts a high value on the kind of mental gymnastics often necessary to solve such problems, while Apple emphasizes hashtables because its aesthetically-oriented culture prizes their combination of zen-like simplicity and seemingly impossible speed.”
  • The Chicago Tribune published a list of the 50 best magazines a while ago. I love magazines, so I have nothing but objections to this list, but I’d say that Baseline is a glaring omission.
  • Are The Oaktree and The Bird the same dance? Could be! If only Morris had someone to hold up a mirror to his dancing, so he could judge.
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