The Challenge of Technology

From the comments on one of my recent posts, here's a perfect example of the challenge of explaining technology. I'd provided a set of links for subscribing to my site.

From "AbC":

I hate something about this whole feed business. I see techies falling over themselves trying to use the simplest possible language to help the rest of us understand what feeds really are and how they work. It's like a lot of people dumb down the definitions and try to use terms they think we'll understand and be able to internalize.

Hell no.

Tell me exactly how these things work ... tell me a feed is like an HTML file that has the address/URL of where a site's latest content is posted and that you can specify exactly how you want to see the new content - snippets or full blow-by-blow.

I maybe wrong ... because techies are really muffling the real definitions with their softened, purpotedly easy to understand definitions.

I think AbC's wrong. Here's why, courtesy of Joanne:

Thanks for posting this. I've heard of RSS before, but it all seemed like black magic until I tried out bloglines. Your post inspired me to get started!

No offense, but somehow I find the argument (and potential readership) of the Joannes of the world more compelling.