While talking to Damien I

While talking to Damien I remarked that the only way Apple could jeopardize its recent revitalization would be to compromise the usability and elegant design that has been the hallmark of the Mac since its introduction.

Well, it would appear that today’s news makes it clear that Apple hasn’t learned the lesson. Look at the interface for Apple’s next-generation OS.

The took the ugly, unusable feel of QuickTime 4 and slopped it all over the OS. Now granted, they added semi-transparent menus and fading options like Windows 2000, which I do like the look of. But what a mess… it’s a shame, really.

Gem and the Holograms

And let’s try to guess what the hell that picture above is supposed to be… Stop, Slow, Go? Nope, it’s Close, Minimize, and Maximize. Dumb, Dumb, and Dumb. See also the complaints I had on September 20, where I linked to Isys Information Systems.