From Whim & Vinegar: Does

From Whim & Vinegar:

Does anyone else go to both McDonalds and Burger King (or two other fast food places) when they get fast food because they like different things at different places? For instance, I much prefer Burger King burgers to McDonalds’ (the flame-broiled thing really does make a difference) but I like McDonalds’ fries much better than Burger King’s. I also sort of hide the stuff from the first place when I’m at the drive-through of the second place. I’m sure they don’t care, but I don’t like to upset people.

Absolutely! Acutally, I used to do this when I frequented fast food joints more often. I thought a few years ago that it might make sense to open a chain of mega-franchises, with probably McDonald’s, Burger King, Wendy’s, and Taco Bell under one roof. And more importantly, under one drive-through. Add a pizza joint of some kind, and you’d have a 21st-Century Food Destination.

Only problem was, the franchising rules of the time prohibited that sort of thing. Yes, I checked.