Ah, yes, I can now

Ah, yes, I can now pat myself on the back for my prescience. My Fadmaker mentions the Beat It jacket, and now from News of the Weird comes this item:

Among the new dog designer fashions unveiled at the 12th Pat Pet Friend
Festival in November in Bangkok: a red-and-black, Michael Jackson-style
military coat
; a yellow-and-black bike racing jacket with bike-style
helmet; a silver space suit-like cape; and a blue silk gown. According
to designer Vasinee Apornpanit, the biggest market by far for dressing
up dogs is Japan, where pet owners are now asking for cell phones and
other high-tech gadgets to be sewn onto the dogs’ outfits.

I’m still looking to buy either one of these or the Thriller jacket, by the way. You’d think that’s what Ebay was invented for…