Is it too geeky, even

Is it too geeky, even for a weblog, for me to say that I think the weblog map is beautiful? And, speaking of geeky, Q and Lake Effect readers will be glad to know that I, too, am schooling myself in the intricacies of Windows 2000. Although I had the same problem as Dan, I thought it wouldn’t be an appropriate subject for my blog. Thanks to Dan for helping me come out of the Win2K closet.

And, speaking of personal firewalls, I strongly recommend Windows 9x users go with Zone Alarm. I have a cable modem, and it’s scary how many attempts are made to access my poor little notebook. I don’t recommend it for Win2000 users yet, just because it’s seemed a little flaky on my setup.

The best independent resource on ZoneAlarm is over at Gibson Research, which is Steve Gibson’s company. I know him as the guy who invented the Koala Light Pen for my Commodore 64.