From Evhead: Does Yahoo! Astrology

From Evhead:

Does Yahoo! Astrology detect I’m coming in from San Franicsco? Half the time, they seem to mention venture capital. Today, mine says, “You could reap profound financial rewards by setting in motion some projects that will revolutionize certain phases of your industry.” Woohoo. But: What do the Aries housewives in Nebraska think when they read this?

And, earlier at Megnut:

What’s the deal with the horoscopes at Yahoo! these days? Is it me or are they written for entrepreneurs? Every day there’s some reference to venture capital, funding, work success, etc. I mean, it makes for fun reading for me, but are they really helpful (as if any horoscope is helpful, ha!) for housewives in Iowa?

As if the blog world isn’t incestuous enough, now we have different people in the same office giving slightly different renditions of a conversation. We’re going to have to call dibs after our conversations to decide who gets blog rights.

I call blog rights on this meme!