Does anyone know the name

Does anyone know the name (or even better, the URL) of the cabal of designers who dictate each year/season’s color palette? Every year, I read some obscure Page 42 story about the chromatic Illuminati, and every year I forget who the hell they are, except that it’s always way too Euro and that the colors look very bad against my brown skin.

Clue me in.

Also, Dan says:

Practically any kind of pet can inspire a subculture. Apparently Dachsunds are problem pets and therefore a Dachshund Rescue network has sprung up, including a Dachsund Underground Railroad.

Unfortunately, this reminds me of one of the saddest moments of my life, the day my parents had to take our dog Baba (pronounced Bubba by me) to a Dachshund Rescue Farm where he was adopted by a kindly lady who kept him in the company of a whole farm-load of other ill-behaved dachshunds.

Those who know me a little may wonder if I’m being sarcastic… Those who know me well know that, sadly, I am not.

Although it is comforting to notice that Dan doesn’t know how the hell to spell "dachshund" either…