Hee hee hee... Our resident

**Hee hee hee… ** Our resident creative genius had done a little bit of freelance work making art for some role-playing game company. Turns out some of his stuff was a little late in making it to them, so he apologized for missing the deadline. They responded, and here is his reply to their response:

Mr. Ferguson, >At this stage you were already substantially late and another day is a moot >point. Just do your best work. Xxx and I will be making final approvals on >your work. If you have any further questions or comments, please do not >contact me, forward them directly to Xxx as he selected you to >work on this project. I will notify Xxx when your art work arrives and at >that point I will review it for approval along with Mr. Xxxxxxxxx. yikes. i guess you got up on the wrong side of the bed today. I also have not heard from you since the initial phone call. (which was a strange call to say the least) both you and xxx seemed overly paranoid about shit like who I was and who I knew and why I was talking to you. xxx was having me answer questions about my past which he knew the answers to. at one point i belive he wanted me to take a lie detector test. (just joking) anyway. i talked to your wife (I'm assuming it's your wife although i can't be sure that she is your wife since I have never seen documentation to prove this fact) and she seemed very nice. i was calling you to apologize for my tardiness and while I had her on the line I asked her a few questions to make sure I wasn't screwing up your whole deadline (which a man as obviously businessmanlike as yourself would definitely have built in a little safety zone of a few weeks (another assumption)). i understand your anger so as a token of my appreciation for being allowed to contribute to your wonderful game why don't you keep $50 of the remaining $150 and get yourself some medication. >This is the following address that you need to FedEx and/or UPS insured. Xx >Xxxxx Xx., XX Xxxxxx Xxxxx, Xxxx Xxxxxxxxx, XX XXXXX I prefer to do things electronically. So I will email you the finals at this email address. c. brent ferguson p.s. I am copying my brother austin on this email since he finds you role playing people amusing. please cc him on any responses to save me the trouble of forwarding.

Ba ha ha ha ha…. that kills me…