Maybe DeepLeap should get in

Maybe DeepLeap should get in touch with CrossGain…?

CrossGain is headed by recently departed Microsoftie and antitrust trial star Tod Nielsen. Nielsen was VP in charge of developer relations at Microsoft for 12 years.

Nielsen couldn’t be reached for comment, and CrossGain is keeping mum about the exact nature of its business. People nosy enough to pry into the CrossGain source code will have their wrists gently slapped: “We have not yet announced our team or our products, so this Web site cannot contain any detailed information about the company.”

However useless for my physical fitness goals, CrossGain might be of interest to any Microsofties who don’t want to stick around until the courts chop the software behemoth into tiny pieces. CrossGain is hiring!

From the employment listings, we know that the start-up is “building an Internet service that wires together businesses using XML”; new hires will “design, build and maintain the data centers in which this service will run”; and the service will run on “an intuitive application programming model (supported by) sophisticated messaging and (Oracle) database technology that allows many of these applications to coexist in a large data center.”