I didn't see anyplace that

I didn’t see anyplace that people had documented the URL format for Napster, so I thought I’d post what I found:

A sample URL is nap:search?artist=artname&title=Word+Word+Word. Obviously, just replace artname with the particular artist’s name (multiple words joined with plus signs) and song title works the same way. I’m still parsing out the syntax for the rest of the variables, but those aren’t really that important anyway, are they?

We all know about the AIM URL format, right? The link to me on my sidebar is aim:goim?screenname=anildash&message=Yo! How long until MSN Messenger starts grabbing the aim: prefix? And does anyone know if the IMUnited standard specifies an im: prefix? I realize it’s ass-backwards these days to propose a standard first and then build clients around it, but what about a peer: protocol or something?