An internet company that doesn't

An internet company that doesn’t hype itself enough: Pyra. Blogger Pro is already in late alpha, perhaps beta. But there’s very little info on the Blogger site. I wish they’d just put out a press release already. What do we know so far?

Blogger Pro adds the ability to email posts to a blog, spell check a post, add reader comments to a blog, publish via SCP or FTP, output to RSS, archive your blog on a daily/more frequent than monthly basis, and it probably has some functionality for uploading and/or managing images. Based on the 5K website, it’s also already got an option for outputting your blog as XML. Pretty good list of features.

But what I’m interested in is an API. This is a platform with thousands of users, all of whom are either early adopters or maintainers of relatively active web sites. When are they going to spill the beans? Seems to me it only hurts them not to let more news out on the stuff they’re trying to sell….