Blogging Renaissance! Several of the

Blogging Renaissance!

Several of the blogs that got me in the game are back, or redesigned. Peter‘s got a subtle redesign, and he finally made his site match his business cards, which had always bothered me in the past when it didn’t. Lane‘s got an un-design in place now, and at long last, it’s the return of the nubbin!

And while I’m at it, big props to Ev for putting his money where his mouse is, he clicked on my little paypal logo and sent me a buck. I mention this not because I’m pimping for dollars, but because I’ve always thought that the way to make micropayments happen is to, well, micropay. I had been using the link as a payment option for my freelance clients (did I mention I’m available for freelance jobs again?) but it was also out there in case anyone wanted to be so generous.

So get off your asses, the rest of you bloggers, and add the links to those PayPal accounts that I know you have. Dan, Jason, Brig: There’s a little something in it for you folks if you add the links.