Microsoft's PowerToys have been around

Microsoft’s PowerToys have been around for years, (they became indispensable to me back when I was beta-testing Win95) and I never realize how essential they are to me until I work on a new machine that doesn’t have them.

So, I was surprised to learn that they have functionality that I didn’t know about even after all these years. I found a description from this guy’s page that says:

When the Send To menu is open, if you hold down the Control key while you click on the extension you want to send the
file to, the behavior will change slightly.

And indeed, it is so. When I click on "Copy to Clipboard as Contents" with the Control key on, it gives me a menu of copy formats to choose from. Handy!

Oh, in case you’re not familiar with the PowerToys, you can download them from Microsoft’s download page. All the warnings will say they don’t work with Win98 or WinMe or Win2000 or whatever else you’re using right now, but those are all lies. Damned lies.