I need two things for

I need two things for my MP3 collection. The first one, I think I can do. I’m gonna make a Windows Media skin that appends the currently playing song’s name and artist to an XML feed. This would serve my useless vanity by letting me have a live, updated MP3 log on my site.

But here’s the tough one, at least with current, non-scriptable, versions of Napster. (I’m not sure about Macster, I’m assuming the same holds true.) See, I want to have Napster play a continuous stream each outgoing song request. Now, I get a lot more than one request in the duration of a 3 or 4 minute song, so it would just play the most recent request when it reached the end of a track. But it would be infinitely better than a mere random-play shuffle.

Why is it infinitely better? I dunno, for some intangible reason. Mostly because it would be cool. Anybody have any suggestions?