So when I finished the

So when I finished the Internet the other day, I found myself wondering what to do next. Sure, I could catch up on Usenet and see what new stuff had come up since I completed the newsgroups a few years ago. But likely it would just be more of the same…

I’m really resentful that all these people came in and ruined my hobby, that schmucks in a Burger King talk about technologies that I used to have all to myself. Sure, lots of people will filter out pf the industry as those who hopped on it for money and not love go back to whatever the hell it is they used to do. But what’s new? What’s next? What’s fun? I miss playing with hardware, there hasn’t been a single new thing since the CD-ROM on that side of things. Technogeek Wanderlust.

Perhaps someone has added some pages to the ‘net during the night while I slept, I’ll have to see if there’s anything new to read. I’m just in maintenance mode now that I caught up with reading the rest of the web; I just check to see if anyone has something new that I missed.