Things I realized while reading

Things I realized while reading back through my site today for the first time ever:

  • All those Peeves make me seem a lot more curmudgeonly than I really am.
  • I’m funny, really. It just doesn’t show up in print.
  • I don’t actually care that much about computers or how they work. You would mistake me for someone who does by reading all this, though.
  • The word "funk" appearing at the top of this page seems as affected and inappropriate as it would be on a Huey Lewis fansite
  • I write about myself a lot. Of course, I talk about myself a lot too. I love me.
  • I almost always refer to people by their first names, even when I’ve never met them.
  • First name, even if they’re dead.
  • I don’t say very many sincere things.
  • Boy, were my old designs ever ugly. I knew that at the time, too. Mostly. Just didn’t care.
  • I never write long entries anymore. Not surprising, since I have the attention span of a gnat.
  • Self-referential blog-to-blog or me-to-something everyone’s already seen on the web links are really boring.