My blog-surfing list is in

My blog-surfing list is in tumult.Meg thinks she has nothing good to say. While I doubt that’s true, I’m glad she can step away from something that isn’t giving her positive feedback. Perhaps she just needed a spatula, like me. Good luck, Meg, go find something fun and happy if your blog don’t do that for you no more.

Peter and Lane both announced Adaptive Path, which is good because I wanted to tell everybody how much I like the shades of green on that page. And I wanted there to be another company of good guys to root for.

Jason turned the tables on Rebecca Mead, showing one of the amazing things about the web as a two-way, conversational medium based on dialogue. And also displaying that truly, Nobody Does It Better.

And I’ve been up to my ass in things I’d rather not have to do. Suffice to say, the truth may not set you free, but it could help you get the money you earned.