Do you know why he

Do you know why he shares his names with Jesse James? Because he shoots so well.

I did many things during my trip to Texas. I don’t know if it’s because I had such a wonderful time, or whether it’s despite that fact, but I don’t feel compelled to document it all right now. I’m sure when I’m less tired and less frazzled by the Extreme Travel Adventure I had a few hours ago, I might change my mind.

Suffice to say, there are people I met recently that I’m profoundly glad to have met in person at last. There are many lessons, too. Pseudonyms, no matter how effective, are useless at hiding the incredibly good heart a person can have. Rain can make brothers of strangers. Canadians aren’t bad, they’re just drawn that way. The youngest are often the wisest. Negating a man-hug with back pounding isn’t always necessary. The success of others is inspiring if you check your ego at the door.

Oh, and inside jokes or cryptic references are particularly insipid for those who aren’t in on the joke. So I’ll stop. But to every single person I met, thank you. I couldn’t have imagined a better time.

And, for future reference, wind shear is no joke.