I am quite occupied writing

I am quite occupied writing emails to people I met in Texas, because I am trying to be sincere without sounding like an ass-kisser. Interestingly, I keep finding myself telling people to relay messages to others whom I met there, even though I have those other people’s email addresses and could damn well do it myself. Hard to integrate Online Person with Offline Person.

One of the people I met is Alison, although really only briefly a few times. I’m glad her site is back up, because then you can look at it and see why I really, really love the design. It makes me wonder what dingbat font all those damn snowflake thingies come from.

She is one of many Texans I met, and I was surprised how much I liked them, given my native Yankee distrust of the inhabitants of the Republic of Texas. Also, she’s really super cute, and that was quite entertainingly distracting the few times I talked to her. Shh, don’t tell.