Whither GetNetWise?

I forgot. Sometime about 50 years ago or so, a bunch of Internet companies made a site called GetNetWise. Under the auspices of the non-profit Internet Education Foundation, they made this site that’s supposed to act as a novice’s guide to the Internet.

The focus for the site is clearly supposed to be wary parents, easing their way onto the net but concerned for their children’s safety. The problem is, the site’s butt ugly, there’s not that much useful information, and the site has had absolutely no promotion. Seems odd that this many companies would band together, with all their considerable resources, and not make a successful site.

At the very least, it would have value in the companies’ not having to keep creating their own "family friendly" information pages. They could simply make one good one and have everyone link to it.

Somebody wanna give me a job fixing this thing?