goes digging in the vaults

Why does the sample member profile use Martika as the example? Is this so that I can get a job as the Cuban-American chanteuse behind such top-ten hits as "Toy Soldiers" and "Love, Thy Will Be Done"? Is it so that I can go on record as one of the small, but significant, group of young, attractive females of the 80’s and early 90’s for whom Prince wrote songs?

I’m not much of one to criticize anyone’s career path, but it seems to me this was a poor choice if they were intending to illustrate the power of the Vault’s networking and job search functions. Then again, their search for early-nineties pop stars with hit songs featuring the word "soldier" could have led them to Donny Osmond and "Soldier of Love" so maybe I should count my blessings.

Or perhaps someone is just taking my earlier request a bit too seriously.