Digital City Concierge Review, Part 2

Following up on Digital City Concierge from yesterday’s request.

The intial request takes place in a form on their site, and then you’re whisked away to some browser-based chat window that refreshes really slowly. I waited about 5 minutes, maybe a little less, and a live rep came on to type to me. "GermaineT" got my request for a coal-fired brick oven pizza joint and then confirmed my email address and other info and said more research was needed and I’d be contacted once it was completed. That was approximately 9:00p yesterday.

After completing the conversation, a customer satisfaction poll was presented. I’m usually pretty gracious about these things, but somehow the lack of an immediate answer (Google has spoiled me) frustrated me, so I was perhaps a bit less charitable than normal. So the answers to the questions were "No, I would not pay for this service," and "No, I would not recommend this service to a friend." Presumably, this triggered some sort of flag in the responses to follow.

Today, at 1:45p I recieved an email from an anonymous concierge at the service, which said, in part:

Thank you for placing a request with the Digital City Concierge Service. Your information has been received by a concierge who will process it per your specifications.

We typically respond to requests within three hours. If your request is received after 8:00 P.M., local time, or it requires extensive research, you should expect a response within 24 hours. If you need to reply to the Concierge, please be sure to include the 6-digit ticket number referenced in the subject line of this email.

All pretty standard stuff, but the email closed with a curious block of text that said: