I am the only person

I am the only person who likes Microsoft Outlook. That is, until recently. They added a stupid, "save me from myself" security fix to it that made it well-nigh impossible to get an executable via email.

Fortunately, Sue Mosher has posted an Outlook 2002 Patch that fixes this annoying problem by letting you choose which file extensions you’re allowed to play with. Sue runs Slipstick Systems and is probably the single most knowledgeable person in the world about Outlook.

I’ve been following Sue’s work since way back when Windows 95 shipped with the abominable Windows Messaging client, which at the time was known as Exchange, after the server software. Then, the Internet happened and email became POP and SMTP and a little bit of IMAP and not at all MAPI. This meant that Exchange client and Windows Messaging client went away and Outlook Express and Outlook (two similarly-named, but woefully divergent applications) became Microsoft’s way of dealing with mail.

This concludes our history of Microsoft email platforms. Next episode, MS Mail and what ever happened to Schedule Plus?

Much thanks to Ken Slovak for writing the add-in.