Oh man! You people are

Oh man! You people are savages. Well, I have no understanding of my site’s traffic patterns or your voting habits, so I had no idea that I’d have almost 100 votes after just 2 days or so of the hair poll being up in the sidebar there. And after a strong early showing by “don’t shave anything” it would seem that the tide has turned towards my head, to mix a metaphor. I think the sympathetic people voted early, and chose a conservative clipping based on my employment predicament. Then the cruel, heartless sideshow-watchers stuffed the ballot box and my little illustrated alter-ego over there starting losing hair like Patrick Stewart working on a Master’s thesis.

Of course, the only reason I mentioned that I’m unemployed is because it goes over so well with the ladies. Yes, young women of the world, this unemployed bachelor is living in an overly expensive apartment in Manhattan, and he’s not in as good physical shape as he used to be! Swoon.

I’m extending the voting until Friday midnight EDT. Call all your friends, and you Chicago residents, be sure to Vote Early and Vote Often.