Maggeh pull-quotes Misterpants with the

Maggeh pull-quotes Misterpants with the following:

Hey, you know how people sometimes hoot. Like at a rock concert or whatever, someone might go, “whoooo!” Well, I’d really like it if everyone who reads this can make an effort to hoot just a little bit more. Not only at rock concerts, but also at poetry readings and just while waiting for the bus or waiting in line at the grocery. I think it’d be cool if we all just started hearing that “whooo!” a little more often and in a wider range of situations.

I couldn’t agree with this instruction more whole-heartedly. Having just attended a comedy show last week in which (among others) Patton Oswald and Janeane Garafalo (find your own damn links, I’m lazy) were busy splitting my sides, and people around me could respond with nothing more than “Whoo!”. And good for them.

Most alarmingly, “Whoo!” was the response to every action on stage. Sample dialogue:

Random, Semi-Funny Comedian: Hey! How are you guys doin’ tonight?

Audience: Whoo!

RSFC: Great! Good to hear it! How about that [name of last RSFC], huh? Is s/he great or what?

Audience: Whoo!

It goes on like this. And if you think (correctly) that my recounting of the story is unfunny, imagine being surrounded by these people. Do they react like this in their personal lives? I sure hope so.