Today is break my own

Today is break my own rules day. First I will talk about other people’s websites, which I usually hate doing. But I’ll make an exception since some people are going to be abandoning their sites for a while. To Lance, Ernie, Jason , Saima and Cam, enjoy your hiatuses.

I wanted to let everyone know that while they’re all super-cool folks who take breaks from their sites, I am so cool that I’ve already taken a break and come back. I’m so far ahead of the curve, it’s a straight line to me.

Second, I’m going to resort to some Bush-Bashing and gratuitous TV-as-shared-cultural-experience pop culture references. Because Bush’s recent bumbling has made me wonder if he keeps walking into the Oval Office, getting stopped by security, and then presenting a note saying “Please let George be in charge of the country. Signed, Epstein’s Mother.”

Coming Soon: [Actual Content]( "filepile community qualtitative multitasking analysis").