Anil Dash:whooo!
andretorrez: yeah?
Anil Dash:whooo!
Anil Dash:It takes two to make a thing go right…
andretorrez: yeah
Anil Dash:It takes two to make it outta sight
Anil Dash:Whoo!
andretorrez: yeah
Anil Dash:hmm. it loses something this way, doesn’t it?
andretorrez: i’m on mission
andretorrez: you’d better listen
andretorrez: the words i’m saying
andretorrez: aren’t the real rap, but i don’t mind
andretorrez: because my flow you’ll surely find
andretorrez: is dope, like a funky fresh beat
andretorrez: don’t like cess.
andretorrez: etc.
Anil Dash:
RobBase87: Get loose now

(In you need context, It Takes Two. Just ask Andre.)