My last name is Dash.

My last name is Dash. I got my name from my father, who got it from his. My heart aches because my dad no longer has a dad of his own. I barely knew him, but I loved him. I always will.

There’s so much more I want to say… it will have to wait until I can shape it into something more cogent. But please believe me, though I’m restating some obvious points: There is never as much time as you think. There is a whole world that’s so much more important than everything you’re worrying or obsessing about. Stop being proud, or scared, or regretful and just do whatever it is you intended to do.

I’m probably not going to update this site for a while. I want to make some joke about all the other people that have abandoned their sites, but I’m just not up for being flippant right now.

I found out today that my grandfather, who lived a full and happy life, and got to see his children, grandchildren, and even great-grandchildren grow up, get married, and have kids, died last week. He was 93. Maybe someday I could do his life justice in text. Maybe, if I do, I could put that text here. Right now I have to honor him with something a lot more important than this meaningless site.