I get interesting mail sometimes.

I get interesting mail sometimes. Like this:

Someone has sent you hate mail from http://raging.nu/ihateyou.php

Here it is…

I’ve seen you around metafilter constantly trying to be the thought police, many times putting your foot in your mouth and coming off as a complete jack ass. I just wanted to tell you that although you may act like God, you are not. You are, however, great entertainment for me. So have a fucking. nice. day. you. loser.

I am perplexed by the existence of a person who is so rage-filled that they would compose this sort of message, yet still so impotent and insecure as to have to send it anonymously. I would have loved to have asked some questions of this person, but their cowardice prevented any sensible dialogue from happening. For the record, I actually seldom put my foot in my mouth, and I certainly wouldn’t act like God; God doesn’t exist. I am pleased that I am entertaining, especially since my peeves are so unavoidably appealing that even people who hate me apparently can’t help but read them.

It makes me wonder if I haven’t made my email link prominent enough: it’s [email protected]. If you hate me, please feel free to click on the link and let me know, like a grownup would. Don’t worry, I can take it; I’ve just got no time for whiny cowards. This all serves to remind me that I’ve been meaning to update my About page to include a FAQ. Can anyone think of some [questions I ought to answer](javascript:viewComments(4963059))? ( // echo commentCount(4963059); ?>)