So InfoWorld's resident Jesus freak

So InfoWorld’s resident Jesus freak and one-trick open source pony Nick Petreley is leaving. I don’t have anything against the guy, indeed he’s been very cordial in the few emails I’ve exchanged with him over the years. But his habit for the past few years has been to incessantly rail against Microsoft, or proprietary software in general. And that kind of short-sightedness gets my goat.

While open source is certainly a valid, even essential, part of any company’s software toolkit, it seems pointless to me to advocate any tool based on how it’s made. When I used to do carpentry projects years ago, I’d pick a drill based on how powerful it was, and whether it was cordless, if that was important for the chore at hand. But would I give a damn what kind of factory it was made in? Would that make me pick Black and Decker over Craftsman? Nope.

So, uh… yeah.