There’s still so much more that I can’t deal with… I just came back in from outside, and I popped up the window with my webcam to check if it works now. And I didn’t recognize myself because I have a face mask on. We all do, the smoke has gotten a bit thicker in the past few hours, the smell is worse. I can’t believe it’s us, looking like someone on TV.

I don’t know if it even made the news outside of town, but last night there was a bomb scare at the Empire State Building. It turned out to be a false alarm, but they attributed the scare to a sniffing dog overreacting. I know that there is tons of extra security there right now, but the thing that immediately popped to mind was that I know that dog. Normally, there is just one bomb-sniffing dog at the ESB, and when I worked there, Remy and her trainer used to greet us almost every morning on the way in.

Thinking of that little black lab being the dog that might have triggered that evacuation was almost too much. My only image of that dog is her sitting quietly by the bank of elevators where I would go up to my office. If something had happened at the ESB, it would have just been more than I can handle at this point, I think.