This woman is not an American. This woman is of the same ilk as any terrorist who has visited destruction or hatred against innocents:'p>

In light of all that is going on out there right now one big question comes to mind: Who in the hell is allowing all this middle eastern scum into this country that they can get away with this crap? All these people should be rounded up, put on a ship and set adrift in the ocean. It’s time for the US to close it’s doors to accepting every mongrel from outside countries into this country. If someone isn’t a citizen of this country they need to be rounded up and removed from here and the doors to this country should be closed and locked. The US needs to drop the bomb on all middle eastern countries and eliminate them once and for all. Do I give a shit how many people would be killed over there?…no I don’t.

Please know: You are not an American. You are not even, by my standards, human. You don’t even have the barest grasp of what this country means, what it’s about, why it exists. How perverse that you link to the Humane Society on your site, to the work of the good people who run Aortal and ID and Soul of the Web. But I’m better than you, and I won’t ask you to leave my country. I will ask you to respect it, to learn its history and culture, and to perhaps try to become an American, and a human, yourself.

I would say I’d pray for you, but your pathetic understanding of what a religion is reveals that you are undeserving. I want to be so much better than you that I can say I’d forgive, but I think more honestly I’d smack you in your lying, hateful mouth for ever desecrating this country that way.

By her logic, we should bomb all Christian countries because Timothy McVeigh destroyed the Federal Building in Oklahoma City. You are a terrorist yourself, Lori Zavala. Think about it.

Anil Dash

Anil Dash

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