I think I just need

I think I just need to change the style of writing that I do on this site. sugamami has the right idea:

Bitch madd cause every guy she try to holla at dont want her fuckin ass and they’d rather holla at me, such as her ex-boyfriend. Cause look, me, Jeremy, & Jovan jus chillen, drinkin n smokin, and they start tellin me all tha shit Laura be talkin bout me, which I know was true cause she has in tha past. Well, I call her like, “WDF is this shit I hear you talking bitch?” and she like, “Is Jovan wit chu?” and Im like, “Yup.” So she start talkin all this and that bout she coming to my crib. Aight first off, dont NOBODY bring drama to my crib, my mama is my heart and soul, and if someone brings drama to my crib, its bringin drama to my mother, and I dont play dat shit. My mother is probably tha only person in this world I’d kill for, so if she come here startin shit, its over. Someones goin to jail, period. I mean, drama is to be taken out in tha streets, not at your home. She got a nephew and two lil brothers, there for I would not take shit to her crib. And she dont know, my boys and my girls ride more dirty then anyone she know. She try to act like she hard, and like she bout it, bitch please, she cant even fuck wit what Im bringin.

It really puts everything in perspective after the last week, doesn’t it? [note: she took her page down after I quoted this, but you can see it in the archives under “Fuck that bitch LAURA“. Thanks to Monique for all the info.]