Birth of Enterprise

With the birth of a new Star Trek series less than a week away, I have to provide some links of interest. I have only a casual appreciation for the whole Trek universe, but my best friend, my sister, and the fellow who shares my workspace are all Trekkies, so I have been exposed to it a lot and know a lot about the mythology.

The list of must-sees for fans, or those who love them, has to start with Galaxy Quest. The tone, writing, and acting of the movie are just spot-on, and best of all, it’s a movie that has heart, an obvious compassion and love for these poor geeks and the objects of their obsession. Next up are Free Enterprise and Trekkies. Both good films in their own right, but neither as spot-on as GQ.

My own idea, suggested to my friend, was that he camp out on the sidewalk in front of our apartment building until next Wednesday with a big sign counting down the days. Then when people asked what he was doing, he could say, β€œI’m counting down to Enterprise, 9pm Wednesday on UPN!” Maybe invite the press, have other geeks out there with sleeping bags, the whole deal. At the alotted time, he could pack up his tent, come back inside, and turn on the TV.

Improbable? Not really. Hell, just today we witnessed the birth of the Federation.