As long as I'm rambling

As long as I’m rambling about popular media, I should also mention that the song “Butterflies” off the new Michael Jackson album (Track 7 on Invincible) is so much better than it has any right to be. It’s some Off the Wall-type shit, and that’s something I didn’t know the man still had in him.

Credit where it’s due: The song was produced by Andre Harris of A Touch of Jazz productions. A Touch of Jazz is Jazzy Jeff’s production company. Yes, as in “DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince”. Jeff’s been doing some great stuff the past few years, including production on the Jill Scott album.

Great production aside, go grab the song or buy the album when it comes out and cue up 3:50 in the song Butterflies. Since you don’t have to look at him when you listen to the music, it’s amazing to realize Michael Jackson can still make a song that gives you chills.