So, uh... yeah. We had

So, uh… yeah. We had an earthquake here last night. I was on Instant Messenger with my friend in LA at the time:

Friend In LA (1:39:21 AM):whatcha doin’
Anil Dash (1:39:31 AM):i am watchin’ P. Diddy
Friend In LA (1:39:40 AM):??
Anil Dash (1:39:44 AM):And I am infinitely more funky than this man.
Friend In LA (1:40:06 AM):who is P. Diddy
Anil Dash (1:40:22 AM):you’re joking.
Anil Dash (1:40:28 AM):Puff Daddy?
Anil Dash (1:40:32 AM):Sean Combs?
Anil Dash (1:40:35 AM):Bad Boy?
Friend In LA (1:40:48 AM):I know who Puff Daddy is
Friend In LA (1:40:55 AM):who calls him P. Diddy
Anil Dash (1:40:55 AM):these are all the same man
Anil Dash (1:41:04 AM):he calls himself that, now
Friend In LA (1:41:08 AM):I know
Friend In LA (1:41:11 AM):really
Anil Dash (1:41:13 AM):🙂
Friend In LA (1:41:21 AM):why
Anil Dash (1:41:24 AM):Far be it from me to deny the man his name
Anil Dash (1:41:35 AM):also, it’s the name of the song
Friend In LA (1:41:53 AM):huh
Anil Dash (1:42:17 AM):the video, it’s called “DIDDY”
Anil Dash (1:42:57 AM):what the fuck….
Anil Dash (1:43:12 AM):the building here just shook
Anil Dash (1:43:25 AM):we don’t have earthquakes
Anil Dash (1:43:29 AM):maybe it’s the wind
Friend In LA (1:44:06 AM):haha
Anil Dash (1:44:09 AM):something very abnormal is going on
Anil Dash (1:44:20 AM):my first thought is that a plane must have hit something nearby
Friend In LA (1:44:37 AM):you’re scaring me
Anil Dash (1:44:47 AM):yeah, i was kind of scared myself
Friend In LA (1:44:47 AM):what’s happening
Anil Dash (1:44:55 AM):i don’t know
Anil Dash (1:45:04 AM):it must just be some weird wind thing
Friend In LA (1:45:11 AM):is the building still shaking
Anil Dash (1:45:13 AM):no
Anil Dash (1:45:17 AM):it was just for like 10 seconds
Anil Dash (1:45:30 AM):hmm
Anil Dash (1:45:38 AM):everything looks normal outside
Anil Dash (1:47:14 AM):hmm
Anil Dash (1:47:31 AM):must’ve just been the wind
Friend In LA (1:47:43 AM):some wind
Anil Dash (1:48:04 AM):yeah
Anil Dash (1:48:17 AM):there was a big windstorm earlier
Friend In LA (1:48:25 AM):huhq
Anil Dash (1:48:28 AM):maybe it just hit the right speed to make the building shake
Anil Dash (1:50:49 AM):well, that was odd

I am thinking now that all we need to finish the items on the End Times checklist is a plague of locusts.