My Friend (12:46:05 AM): So

My Friend (12:46:05 AM): So what are you planning for dinner?
Anil Dash (12:46:59 AM): not sure
Anil Dash (12:47:05 AM): might just hit the diner around the corner
My Friend (12:47:16 AM): solo?
Anil Dash (12:47:24 AM): yeah, solo. i’m a loser!
Anil Dash (12:47:42 AM): dude, single guys go to diners in the middle of the night alone.
My Friend (12:47:47 AM): that’s rough, man. 1 a.m. eating solo at a diner.
Anil Dash (12:47:59 AM): food’s not bad, tho
My Friend (12:48:02 AM): Sounds like a romantic comedy about halfway thru.
Anil Dash (12:48:29 AM): hell, i do shit like that for fun. sometimes i leave my headphones on the whole time

My Friend (12:48:47 AM): heh, i’m sure it can be quite interesting.
Anil Dash (12:48:49 AM): but yes, i think my whole life can be summed up as “Sounds like a romantic comedy about halfway thru” unfortunately.

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