I don't generally believe in

I don’t generally believe in awards unless they pay me money, but I sure am happy for my friends when they win them. So, congratulations to all my co-workers who actually make the Village Voice website for winning a National Press Foundation award.

And why wouldn’t they win, with reporters like Coco eliciting such choice quotes?

Q: Have you ever been attracted to an unorthodox ideology?

A: I was supposed to be a Catholic, but I was never religious. In general, music and movies are my religion. I’m a Hollywood-obsessed person. I’m obsessed with Marlene Deitrich, even though she’s long gone. I love Greta Garbo. And Bette Davis. I just got All About Eve on DVD. It’s beautiful. I’m also obsessed with Lena Horne. I wouldn’t want to forget her.