Everything looks funny? Different style

Everything looks funny? Different style sheet. The old one is here, and you can see the black and white one I’ve used occasionally here. Or, pretend you’re using Netscape 4 and [remove styles](javascript:removeCSS()) completely.

I’ve had these, and a few other, style sheets lying around for a while. If anybody is interested, I’ll make a cookie thing that will save your preference. Oh, and Saima‘s wonderful design for this site is still up and running, too. (Incidentally, did you know that when I think of sexy arses, I think of Saima?) If you don’t like the font size for this text on any of these designs, don’t sweat it: I’m just using browser defaults and you can change the size of it on your own, sidebar excluded.

One last site note, if you noticed that I added the “Some Froms” down there on the sidebar, you’ll see that there are now links to the last 10 sites that people used to find this one. That functionality is courtesy of Charles‘ "LGF Referrers" script, which he had sent to me a long time ago and I finally got around to implementing. Thanks, Charles! Credits for those kinds of things are all on my about page, which I intend to redo soon. “Soon” meaning “eventually” of course.